Congress Scheduled to Take on Budget

Congress Scheduled to Take on Budget

The last two years have seen disorderly, contentious, and chaotic when it comes to Congress’s attempt to fix the nation’s fiscal problems, but Wednesday will begin a more orderly process to get the nation’s finances in order – or at least to keep the government open.

Congressional leaders again begin the dance between the two houses on how to deal with the situation. Senate Minority Leader said this, “We have numerous challenges facing the country and Republicans have offered the president serious solutions to shrink Washington spending and grow the economy,” “And we will have an opportunity to discuss them with the president at the lunch.” This in response to the President’s rare planned visit to Capitol Hill where he will have lunch with GOP lawmakers to discuss compromises both sides could make to get a deal.

The difference between the parties – with Democrats insisting that any further deficit reduction include both spending cuts and tax increases and Republicans insisting on only spending cuts – will present a bigger one over the long term.

“As we have seen over the last number of years, the differences between the two sides are going to be stark,” said Senator Patty Murray, the Washington Democrat who is chairwoman of the Budget Committee.

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