Prediction Into the Future

Prediction Into the Future

As predicted, it seems that those who once support of the Affordable Health Care Act are not walking but running away from the new legislation. Senator Max Baucus and several unions who were once fervent supporters recently stepped out publically and announced they no longer support the President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. Well, what does this mean for the future?

Looking into the crystal ball many are predicting future layoffs, more part time employment, and overall private sector unease. A current Forbes article goes as far as predicting the following: “the loss of jobs and shift to part-time work, the substantial increase in health insurance premiums, the shift of millions of vulnerable Americans to the façade of insurance called Medicaid with its poor access to care.”

If all does come true, what will the American public be left with? Will they hear another excuse from the President or a solution from Congress?

Click here to read the full Forbes article. 

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