Republicans Lead The Way On Immigration?

Republicans Lead The Way On Immigration?

Currently, there are two bills Republicans have placed before Congress. One bill resides in the House and the second bill resides in the Senate. Until recently, many believed that both bills could be dead in the water. However, today both the Senate Republicans and the House Republicans have worked to revive their respective bills.

According to the New York Magazine article, “several things have happened to undergird this conclusion. In the wake of Labrador’s exit, Paul Ryan endorsed the House bill. Rubio then clarified, or revised, or in any case communicated, that he’s not trying to back away but remains as committed as ever (“I won’t abandon this issue until it’s done, until we get a bill passed.”). Republican senator Kelly Ayotte — a vulnerable purple-state Republican, but not one given over to bipartisanship — announced her support for the Senate bill.”

Most Members of Congress know that reform is not only needed, it is a necessity. In thirty to forty years, approximately 80 million people will retire. Under our current population structure, we cannot afford to lose and provide for 80 million people leaving the work force. The practical solution would be to increase the work force. One can only hope Congress will work to find a solution before allowing our economy to crumble under the weight of our retiring population.

Read the New York Magazine article here.

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