Have Americans become complacent?

Have Americans become complacent?

According to an article published today by Fox News, the cost of subsides for the Affordable Health Care Act are predicted to increase.  In fact, “Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah wrote a letter to the administration asking why the president is already requesting 107 percent more than three years ago to pay for subsidies.” According to Jon Goodman at the National Center for Policy Analysis, they are “low-ball everything”. His counterpart Jim Capretta of the American Enterprise Institute goes on to state “I don’t think most of America will be shocked that a government project is coming in over budget”.

While most could have predicted the government would eventually increase the budget, one must wonder why there is little to no outrage. The American people were promised affordable health care legislation and now it seems they are getting the exact opposite. It seems Americans have either become desensitized or complacent when it comes to their government taking their hard earned money and placing it in programs that may or may not work.

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