Love Tennessee? Think Twice

Love Tennessee?  Think Twice

According to a recent report released by Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, the new health care law will cost residents, particularly men, more than what they are paying now – some as much as 190 percent.

From the Senator’s Release:

“— Today, a 27-year-old man in Memphis can buy a plan for as low as $41 a month. On the exchange, the lowest state average is $119 a month — a 190 percent increase.”

“— Today, a 27-year-old woman in Nashville can also buy a plan for as low as $58 a month. On the exchange, the lowest-priced plan in Nashville is $114 a month — a 97 percent increase. Even with a tax subsidy, that plan is $104 a month, almost twice what she could pay today.”

“— Today, women in Nashville can choose from 30 insurance plans that cost less than the administration says insurance plans on the exchange will cost, even with the new tax subsidy.”

“—   In Nashville, 105 insurance plans offered today will not be available in the exchange.”

However, the White House chose to focus on other states within their recent release report. Perhaps the President believes some states are more important than others.

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