Personal Records Could Be Compromised

Personal Records Could Be Compromised
As the October 1 deadline for the new health care mandate looms, there are many growing concerns of how this bill will impact the lives of Americans. The catalyst for these growing concerns perhaps stems from the abundance of delays the Obama Administration has put forth. A recent FoxNews article outlined these delays:

“Employer mandate? Delayed.”

“Small business health insurance market? Delayed.”

“Automatic enrollment? That’s right, delayed.”

While these delays most certainly are alarming, there is a more pressing concern. Americans will be required to provide personal information for the government to house, and independent government entity will have less than two weeks to test the new data system.

“After members of Congress from both sides of the aisle warned the administration against launching a vulnerable system at the American people’s expense, miraculously on September 10th – poof! – the White House conveniently announced testing had been completed and the Data Hub was ready to launch.

While the Administration may be convinced their testing was sufficient and that the system is secure, there is still no time for an independent entity to verify the security operation or make recommendations to better safeguard and guarantee the privacy of consumers.

The repercussions of opening the exchanges with an unproven security system could be devastating, putting the personal and financial records of millions of Americans at the fingertips of data thieves. “

Click here to read the full Foxnews article. 


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