ACA Leaves Atlanta’s Grady Hospital $45million Short

ACA Leaves Atlanta’s Grady Hospital $45million Short

According to a recent WSBTV report, the new ACA law will cause Atlanta’s Grady Hospital to lose $45million in funding. Grady hospital serves a vital role in Atlanta’s medical community.  “Danielle Words is an uninsured hospital patient who uses Grady as a safety net because it cares for thousands of uninsured Georgians.”

“If I didn’t have this resource, I’d really be in big trouble,” Words said. “It’s very important to me.”

The debate raised by the federal government’s cuts will be how the states pick up the costs through Medicaid.  While Governor Deal is looking for funding options, most believe the federal government will likely look to states to increase taxes to make up for the budgeting gaps. Thus, residents are not only paying for higher premiums they are now also paying higher taxes due to budget gaps.

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