Desensitized From Government Accountability?

Desensitized From Government Accountability?

Thursday, October 24, the American public once again must endure another day of ACA website “glitches.” After sifting through copious amounts of information and submitting what many would deem to be personal information, one may start to wonder how the government can provide proper health care if it cannot provide a functioning website.

However, we have not seen the public outrage as many predicted. Perhaps we have grown accustomed to the long lines at the post office, the multiple identification documents we must provide to the DMV, and the personal information we shell out to the IRS once a year. Why is it that we get more upset when our iPhone does not work rather than our government?

Today, Republicans led by Representative Darrell Issa on Capitol Hill, questioned the contractors about the failed ACA website. The contractors’ response resulted in finger pointing and more questions. In fact, “the main contractors who designed the glitch-plagued government health care website argue that the Obama administration shares responsibility for problems with the digital rollout.” After today’s hearing, the question remains – will America grow complacent with yet another inefficient government program?

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