The Damage Is Not Over Yet

The Damage Is Not Over Yet

The first wave of the Obamacare storm has clearly hit.  As with most natural disasters, the swells appear, not as one, but in multiples.  Most earthquakes produce aftershocks; hurricanes can create tornados, and in this case, Obamacare will impact individuals in 2014 and will potentially affect businesses in 2015.

Monday, November 25, 2013, The Chicago Tribune argues that while most individuals focus only on the impact to businesses and individuals, there remains, in fact, a third casualty of this monstrous bill. Our hospitals, the very infrastructure we need to keep sick healthy, could stand to lose the very funding that they need to operate. “In the past, hospitals could count on insurers to pay 80 to 90 percent of the cost of services, leaving the rest to patients. For patients with high-deductible plans, however, the insurer’s share drops to as low as 60 percent, with consumers on the hook for the balance. And if patients can’t pay? Hospitals can write it off as bad debt or, in some cases, charity care. But many hospitals are already operating on thin margins. Add them to the list of potential Obamacare losers in waiting.”

Click here to read the full Chicago Tribune article. 


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