A Good Start Must End With A Good Finish

A Good Start Must End With A Good Finish
While the Ryan-Murray budget deal offers some promise, its success still rests upon the ability of Washington to rein in spending for many government programs.  Compromise in Washington these days is often unheard of, and much of the American public remains disenchanted with the progress on Capitol Hill. Congressman Ryan and Senator Murray have effectively moved the proverbial ball down the court, but many still wonder when Congress will take on tough issues like entitlement spending or creation of a balanced budget. NPR makes reference to these challenges in its latest article –
“While the budget agreement takes a government shutdown off the table for two years, it does so without tackling the major drivers of the nation’s worsening fiscal prospects — entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. Those are nonnegotiable for Democrats so long as Republicans refuse to consider higher taxes, and Republicans, so far, aren’t going there. Even so, the agreement is being hailed as a much-needed confidence builder between the two parties. Of course, viewed cynically, it’s just further proof that Washington still mainly operates on the principle of not doing the tough stuff today that can be kicked down the road until tomorrow.”
Anyone can agree that a budget is the right step forward; however, one must also concede that budgets need to balance if they are rendered to achieve economic prosperity for the future.

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