Target Part-Time Employees Transition To ObamaCare

Target Part-Time Employees Transition To ObamaCare
Target, the second largest retailer in the U.S., will no longer provide health insurance to part-time employees beginning this April.  This change should essentially force these employees to seek coverage under Obamacare and thereby, potentially shift the financial burden of their formerly employee-paid coverage to the taxpayers.  A recent Businessweek article aptly described how current law has created an environment compelling Target and other businesses to significantly alter their employee health benefits –
“The U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the largest regulatory overhaul of health care since the 1960s, creating a system of penalties and rewards to encourage people to obtain medical insurance. The law known as Obamacare doesn’t require most companies to cover part-time workers, and offering them health plans may disqualify those people from subsidies in new government-run insurance exchanges that opened in October.”
In this article, Neil Trautwein, a lobbyist with the National Retail Federation, a trade group in Washington, cited potentially perilous economic implications  – ‘You see a lot of retailers making adjustments in contemplation of the full effect of the employer mandate penalties in 2015… Even though it is not effective yet, it is already having an effect on the job market and putting companies where they would probably not otherwise want to be.’

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