The Myth Of The Declining HealthCare Costs

The Myth Of The Declining HealthCare Costs
The recent propaganda shoveled by the media claims that HealthCare rate increases are the lowest since 1970. While this may sound like good news to many, I am reminded of the Aesop’s Fables I use to read as a kid.  These short stories, infused with moral teachings, were always fun to read but were too fanciful at best. Like the fables, the new Healthcare laws are fanciful; unlike the fables, they are void of sound moral teachings. The new HealthCare laws are just tall tales that keep us entertained and distracted from the complex realities of the world.
It’s too early to link the Affordable HealthCare Act with a healthcare rate decline since this legislation was not implemented fully until January 1, 2014.  Many economists would attribute any suggested evidence of healthcare rate declines to the recent recession, not the Affordable HealthCare Act. They argue that the recession has created a contraction in disposable income among many Americans resulting in their choosing to postpone or forego healthcare treatment.
The truth is that, under the Affordable HealthCare Act, rate decreases are offset by the backend increases in premiums, deductibles, and tax rates. This bait and switch tactic is used to distract consumers from the hidden costs within the law. Countering this tactic, a recent WND article presented a list of ObamaCare taxes that will be passed along directly to consumers and taxes that will be passed along to them indirectly due to increased taxes on insurers and drug companies.  The truth is that the Affordable HealthCare Act is just a tall tale and in reality nothing in life is free.

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