Pelosi PAC Ad Attacks ObamaCare

Pelosi PAC Ad Attacks ObamaCare
Another election year is upon us, and Congressional Members are quickly trying to define their platforms and sweep away the ugly crumbs left behind by adverse Washington policies. There are only so many ways one can hide from the fallout of the new healthcare law. As former supporters of the bill, many Members must now create a new political strategy that will distance them from Obamacare and resonate with the American public.
A recent ad supporting Congressman Garcia (FL-D) prompted The National Review to aptly remark –
It is fascinating to watch a Political Action Committee associated with Nancy ‘we’re going to run on Obamacare’Pelosi slamming the White House for ‘the disastrous healthcare website’ and boasting — without any time qualification, it should be said — that its man ‘voted to let you keep your existing health plan.’
Straddling the Obamacare fence, many of these same Members continue to rush forward with hopes that Americans will not get tripped up by the deluge of policy debris that has accumulated under the political rugs in Washington D.C.

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