The Story Of A Law with Many Unintended Toxic Consequences

The Story Of A Law with Many Unintended Toxic Consequences
The framers of the new healthcare law, unfortunately, did not foresee the unintended consequences of the bill they created. It was not until reports of websites crashing, millions of Americans losing their healthcare, loss of jobs, and stagnate job creation that members of Congress began to react and distance themselves from the unpopular law.
However, there is one Senator who remains steadfast in his support for the bill. Senator Harry Reid (NV-D) recently stated that he believes that all of the ObamaCare horror stories are, in fact, untrue. Perhaps Senator Reid should check out the latest Forbes article which quotes the New York Times as stating that ObamaCare is responsible for the reduction in “hours and income for ‘police dispatchers, prison guards, substitute teachers, bus drivers, athletic coaches, school custodians, cafeteria workers and part-time professors.’”
Both Forbes and the New York Times recognize that businesses are responding to the healthcare mandate by cutting employees’ hours and wages rather than incurring the additional costs of providing benefits to their part-time workers.  Forbes explains the rationale for this reaction –
In a normal labor market, arbitrarily cutting workers’ hours like this would be both socially harmful and economically irrational. Employers who offer a better mix of hours and compensation would attract better workers and out-compete the hour-cutters. But ObamaCare makes such socially harmful behavior economically rational.
As many Americans continue to be buried beneath an enormous mound of unintended toxic consequences, one can only hope that Congress will be able to eventually dig us out of the rubble.

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