ObamaCare “Family Glitch” Prevents Low-Income Children From Receiving Health Care

ObamaCare “Family Glitch” Prevents Low-Income Children From Receiving Health Care

According to the Daily Caller, a recent study provided by the America Action Forum states that there is a well-known structural problem within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that has the potential to prevent approximately 2 million low-income children from receiving health care. The problem occurs when employers’ insurance coverage is compliant with federal law but premiums for family coverage are unaffordable. Under the existing ACA structure, subsidies for family coverage in these cases would be unavailable. The Daily Caller explains, “The structure potentially bans spouses and children from receiving Obamacare’s much-touted help with premium payments while their available insurance is extremely costly.”

Additionally, as the Daily Caller notes, Obamacare fails to adequately respond to those situations when children no longer can receive coverage under the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). Children currently covered under CHIP, a program designed to insure children ineligible for Medicaid, could fail to receive coverage if the program is terminated when time for its extension this year.

The administration went to great lengths marketing its signature health care reform by promising protection for the most vulnerable in our society – our children. The issues cited by the Daily Caller suggest that the administration has fallen far short in meeting these claims.

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