CBO Reveals Truth About the Obama Administration’s Deficit

CBO Reveals Truth About the Obama Administration’s Deficit

The White House is trying once again to razzle-dazzle Americans into believing that the deficit will decrease this year. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), however, has shed some much-needed light on the actual current state of our deficit and economy. According to a recent Forbes article, “the nonpartisan government agency reported recently that the federal government’s budget deficits and the public’s share of the debt as percentage of GDP are projected to grow to levels not seen since the World War II era.” The article goes on to explain that, in reality, the administration is kicking the proverbial “can down the road with year after year of trillion-dollar deficits, expansion of the entitlement state, a complete unwillingness to reform mandatory spending.”

While attempting to tout its agenda, the current administration is creating a mirage intended to camouflage the ugliness that pervades the nation’s economy. This smoke and mirrors strategy will work only so long until the truth is exposed – a truth so odious that no one will fail to discern the reality of deceit and impending economy adversity.


Click here to read the full Forbes article. 

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