Stumping The Youth Stumping The Youth

When a group of professionals from the legal and medical field at the University of Pennsylvania sat down 33 individuals between the ages of 19 – 30 and asked them to navigate the website, the results were astounding. Many of the “highly educated” and “Web-savvy” individuals selected for this experiment found the website confusing and difficult to manage. The LATimes noted, “the volunteers had trouble matching their preferences with actual plans, according to the study. The research team said this was partly because of the ‘overwhelming’ amount of information the website displayed.”

The exceedingly costly website built to power Obamacare is clearly fraught with inadequacies. When building this “centerpiece” of its signature health care legislation, the administration would have done well to have modeled it after the myriad marketing websites that are quick, easy and highly intuitive – the kind required by today’s younger, fast-paced generation. As if not besieged by enough Obamacare issues, the administration must now tackle one that has the potential to alienate the very client base it hopes to attract.


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