Foreign vs. Domestic – The Greater of the Two Battles?

Foreign vs. Domestic – The Greater of the Two Battles?

As the world continues to erupt in conflict abroad, Americans are finding themselves in major battles on two fronts. As typical, foreign and domestic policies compete for the attention of American citizens. While the threat of terrorism continues to unnerve the masses, critical frailties in the economy have helped to catapult this issue to number one place. Compelling data from a recent Townhall article helps to justify the priority placed upon this domestic issue – “using 316 million as a rough estimate of the 2014 population (it would likely be higher) and 126 million on welfare (that number is also higher, perhaps way higher), about 40% of the country is on some form of means-tested welfare, up from 35.4% at the end of 2012.” Comparing those on some form of government assistance to those who are employed, this publication further estimates the current existence of “a minimum of 126 million receiving some sore [sic] of means-tested welfare vs. 118.5 million who ‘usually’ work full time.”

This data suggests that government subsidies are too quickly becoming the primary form of subsistence for many Americans. Continuation of this trend could significantly and quickly undermine the stability of the US economy. Understandably, strength on foreign soil demands strength on domestic soil. Let’s hope that those who control the budget recognize the critical interdependency of these two areas.


Click here to read the full Townhall article.



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