Bad Economy Results In Americans Fighting Back

Bad Economy Results In Americans Fighting Back

A recent LA Times article documents the latest struggles middle class Americans are facing. As the divide between rich and poor continues to widen, many families in the middle class are digging deep to find their entrepreneurial spirit.

Four years ago Jackie Lloyd was laid-off from her cafeteria job, and now she finds herself on local streets tending to her vendor business. While she misses her regular nine to five job, Jackie has developed a fondness for being her own boss. According to the article, “street merchants also factor into the region’s growing economy of sole proprietors. Working alone has become a popular business model since the recession as companies cut jobs and boosted productivity and many workers were forced to stay in the labor pool past retirement age.”

While a number of Americans might frown upon “taking to the streets” to earn a living, the doubters are hard pressed to criticize those seeking alternative options to earn their keep. Hooray to those Americans who continue to be driven by the time-honored American tradition of achieving livelihood through innovation and hard work.


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