Devil in the Details

Devil in the Details

The Affordable Care Act was crafted to provide more medical insurance options at affordable costs. However, Americans are quickly realizing that this program has fallen far short of its goal to make health care more affordable. According to a recent Forbes article, in September employers will possibly be implementing the following five changes to employees’ health insurance options to reduce costs: “Unitized Pricing/Charging Per Child,” “Narrow networks,” “The Consumer Directed Health Plan,” “The ‘Private Exchange,’” and “Specialty Pharmacy.” Forbes goes on to state, “some of these changes will debut during open enrollment – the annual fall ritual when employers allow their workers to view and pick their health benefits for next year – almost always means higher co-payments, deductibles and more cost-sharing as companies push more costs onto their workers.”

Considering the type of steps taken by employers to reduce costs, it appears that “Affordable” in the Affordable Care Act is at best a misnomer that has helped to create false expectations for many Americans. As Americans become more and more aware of the restrictions buried in the details of their policies, they are beginning to question the aptness of “Affordable” as it applies to their policies. The devil is often in the details, and the details suggest that the costs are being transferred to the consumers via higher costs and more limited health care choices.


Click here to read the full Forbes article.

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