Number 12

Number 12

Surprisingly, a recent USA Today article reported that the United States ranks number 12 among 135 countries in a study of subjective well-being. These results come after a recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index measured “not just how much wealth or health people have but how they feel about their lives.” The Index evaluates peoples’ perceptions of how well they are doing in the following areas: “sense of purpose, social connections, community, finances and physical vigor.”

While not necessarily expecting the United States to rank number 1, many Americans would expect better placement than number 12. Also, many Americans should find it unsettling that countries south of the border, such as Panama, can appreciably out distance their nation on these well-being dimensions. It will be interesting to see if the prevailing temperaments, measured by this Index, will translate into political consequences for the ruling parties. With November elections rapidly approaching, Americans may be ready to change the course and choose a path to greater well-being.


Click here to read the full USA Today article. 


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