The Truth About The National Debt

The Truth About The National Debt

Some of today’s most recognizable news sources appear to subscribe to the belief that government spending is shrinking. However, a recent Daily Signal article helps to dismantle the false sense of security that’s an intended by-product of this dubiously positive outlook. Presenting a more realistic image of the imperiled American economy, this article notes, the United States “has added $7.06 trillion of debt since President Obama took office—far more than under any previous president.” The increase in debt under the Obama administration is more than $61,000 per household.

Struggling to meet the basic financial needs of daily family life, many Americans find it inconceivable that government would shoulder taxpayers with such unrealistic burdens. Unless the nation’s leaders embrace policies that lead to steadfast and continual cuts in spending, Americans may, unfortunately, find that the inconceivable, as relates to burdensome tax policy, becomes a fact of American life. Rather, let’s hope that we can celebrate the day when media outlets can rightfully and honestly boast that government has taken the bull by the horns and steered the American economy down a much-coveted path of solvency and prosperity for all.


Click here to read the full Daily Signal article. 

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