Welfare And Weed

Welfare And Weed

A recent Washington Times article reports alarming news that current welfare recipients can purchase marijuana with their EBT cards in states where the drug is legal. While current legislation does prevent “vice” purchases such as that of liquor, the procurement of marijuana appears to have escaped restriction. According to this article, Jeff Sessions, a Republican Senator from Alabama, “announced that he was drafting legislation to close the welfare-for-weed loophole after the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services confirmed to him that marijuana shops were not off limits to EBT cards, which replaced food stamps, or other federal benefits.”

While use of marijuana for medicinal purposes remains an extremely controversial issue, diverting taxpayer money to fund marijuana use takes the debate to a much higher level. Given the recognized failure of government to adequately regulate welfare programs, the ability of individuals to use these subsidies to fund addiction habits is indisputable. Once again Americans are left wondering why common sense was not a key driver behind the development of legislation that involves the expenditure of approximately $750 billion annually. Perhaps it’s time to require government to use common sense when creating legislation that places such onerous fiscal burdens on the backs of the American taxpayers.


Click to read the full Washington Times article. 

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