America’s Shrinking Labor Force

America’s Shrinking Labor Force

The L.A. Times recently cited some alarming but not necessarily surprising statistics – “One in five U.S. workers was laid off in the past five years and about 22% of those who lost their jobs still haven’t found another one, according to a new survey that showed the extent Americans have struggled in the sluggish labor market since the Great Recession ended.” The survey conducted by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University also indicates that when Americans were “asked to compare their salary and savings now to five years ago, 42% said they had less. That figure included 25% of respondents who said they had ‘a lot less.’”

Undeniably, foreign policy has recently made a strong vie for the attention of the American people as violence rapidly spreads throughout the Middle East and further Russian incursion into the Ukraine remains a real possibility. However, nothing does more to draw the attention of Americans back home than the threat of job loss and personal financial ruin. While the November elections will be a referendum on both domestic and foreign policy, one can expect the domestic economy will carry a very heavy hand in deciding the outcomes.


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