Born With Debt

Born With Debt

For most people and in most circumstances, the birth of a baby means the arrival of an individual too young to be encumbered by any worldly entrapments. At this point of time, at least in the United States, that vision of newborn bliss may at best be naïve. Due to the current massive national debt, American newborns now owe approximately $56K at birth, and that number continues to grow as the United States debt continues to spiral. According to a recent Des Moines Register report, this mounting concern is beginning to raise red flags with current members of Congress. The report states that Congressman Steve King “told central Iowa business leaders Tuesday he’s committed to balancing the federal budget and he believes Congress made a mistake in the past by operating the government with red ink.”

Hopefully, from the midterm and future elections, officials will emerge who have the will and skill to demand fiscal responsibility from their government. In so doing, they will relieve all constituents, particularly the innocent babies, from having to incur the enormous responsibility for and ominous results of reckless spending.


Click here to read the full Des Moines Register report. 


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