More Trick Than Treat

More Trick Than Treat

According to the Washington Times, Obamacare participants will not be apprised of their premium rate increases until after the fall elections. Citing politics as the driver of Obamacare enrollment delays, the Washington Times notes, “Enrollment on the website begins Nov. 15, or 11 days after the midterm vote, and critics who worry about rising premium hikes in 2015 say that’s no coincidence. Last year’s inaugural enrollment period on the health-care exchange began Oct. 1.”

Coincidence or not, delaying the enrollment timeline until after the potential game-changing November elections smells highly of policy manipulation for political gain. Americans have a right to assess the impact of Obamacare on their pocket books before the election, not afterward. Hopefully, as Americans become more and more savvy at reading between the lines, they will understand that voter dissatisfaction with higher insurance rates is the real driver behind the enrollment delays.


Click here to read the full Washington Times article. 



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