Small Businesses Take Another Hit

Small Businesses Take Another Hit

Small businesses, the backbone of America, are taking another hit from Obamacare. According to a recent Forbes article, a study conducted by the American Action Forum (AAF) “shows that the law is reducing the pay of workers at small businesses — those with 20 to 99 employees — by at least $22.6 billion every year.” The article further states, “Obamacare isn’t just reducing workers’ pay — it’s putting them out of work. The AAF study concludes that the law’s regulations and increased premiums are likely responsible for American employers having shed more than 350,000 jobs. California, Florida, New York, Ohio, and Texas have each lost more than 20,000 jobs, thanks to Obamacare.”

Ironically, Obamacare, touted as the health guardian for the poor and middle class, has undermined the abilities and perhaps even the willingness of many Americans to secure and retain jobs needed to sustain their well-being. Pulling the financial security rug from under the feet of the poor and middle-class is surely not a desirable way to promote public health and the nation’s economy. Back to the drawing board we must go.


Click here to read the full Forbes article.

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