Obamacare Architect VS American Public – Who Got It Right?

Obamacare Architect VS American Public  – Who Got It Right?

Many Americans had been skeptical of the Affordable Care Act before it became law. Others, like Obamacare architect Mr. Gruber, believed they simply knew better. Evidence abounds that the skeptical Americans were right. According to a recent Fox News article, “when people started signing up last year under the new rules, the average state saw the premiums for 27-year-olds soar by 62.5 percent.” The article goes on to state, “another mistake Gruber made was promising only a ‘rather modest erosion of employer-sponsored insurance.’ But the drop has already been much larger. Just 25 percent of companies that had previously offered part-time employees health insurance continued to do so in 2013. Even worse, employers are likely to continue to drop coverage for their employees. For instance, Wal-Mart recently announced that starting Jan. 1, it will stop offering health insurance to those working less than 30 hours per week.”

Americans are saddled yet again with the unfortunate reality that government, in the guise of looking out for the interests of all citizens, has instead created a fragile health care system that is coming apart at the seams. Perhaps the Obamacare supporters, such as Mr. Gruber, would have done well to listen to the skeptical Americans. Far from being stupid, many Americans were right on and still are.


Click here to read the full Fox News article. 

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