ObamaCare Heads Back To The Supreme Court

ObamaCare Heads Back To The Supreme Court

What many dub “Death by Typo” others call the “devil in the details.” The Wall Street Journal reports that, once again, ObamaCare will be headed back to our highest court. This time the Supreme Court must decide whether or not the literal interpretation of a key provision in the law supersedes the administration’s intended consequences. Current language in the bill states, “the statute does limit the subsidies to taxpayers who purchase policies on state exchanges.” If the Court’s decision renders the current literal language enforceable, the premiums in states that are not on the exchange could sky rocket. The degree of damage could be enough to send the bill into a proverbial death spiral.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi now wishes she had read the bill in its entirety before it was passed.


Click here to read the full Wall Street Journal article. 

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