What Is Next For Obamacare?

What Is Next For Obamacare?

As the tide shifts in Congress, many individuals wonder what will become of the unpopular Affordable Care Act. Senator McConnell mentioned in a speech yesterday that there are a few issues within the bill that he would like to reform. A recent Forbes article touched on several topics that Republicans may want to tackle – “There is a better playbook for a Republican Congress: one that sets up the building blocks for long-term reforms of our dysfunctional health-entitlement system. That includes changes to Obamacare, such as device tax repeal, but it also includes other bills that will aid the cause of bipartisan health reform.”

As Congress finishes up this term and moves into a Republican-controlled house and Senate for next term, it is time for gridlock to stop and overhauling to begin.


Click here to read the full Forbes article. 

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