Keystone Pipeline vs. EPA Showdown

Keystone Pipeline vs. EPA Showdown

Environmental regulations backed by the Obama Administration and Democratic Members of the House and Senate are likely to harpoon the pipeline deal. The New York Times reports, “At this point, Republicans do not have the votes to repeal the E.P.A. regulations, which will have far more impact on curbing carbon emissions than stopping the pipeline, but they say they will use their new powers to delay, defund and otherwise undermine them. Senator James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, a prominent skeptic of climate change and the presumed new chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, is expected to open investigations into the E.P.A., call for cuts in its funding and delay the regulations as long as possible.”

As January approaches and Republicans assume control of both houses, many will be eyeing the President and his counterparts to see if they can create a bipartisan deal that improves the economic outlook for this country.


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