President Oversteps Authority And Changes Health Care Law…Again

President Oversteps Authority And Changes Health Care Law…Again

Once again, Americans will be hit with another set of changes to an already complex health care law. The New York Post writes, “For one, the president is redefining what health plans are ‘adequate’ for larger employers (100-plus workers) to offer under the Affordable Care Act. He’s also ‘asking’ insurers to pay for new benefits — while warning that, if they don’t, they may be forced to.”

As the law continues to be altered, many wonder how the President, not Congress, has the ability to change the law at whim. The New York Post also challenges the premise that the President has this authority – “Under the Constitution, Obama lacks any authority to make such changes to the health law, or any law. Only Congress has that power. But he’s doing it, and not for the first time. The president has made two dozen changes to his health law by executive fiat, from delaying the employer mandate to allowing people to keep health plans that don’t meet ObamaCare standards.”

Perhaps for the holidays Santa should bring a less complex health care law.


Click here to read the full New York Post article. 

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