Wealth Gap At All Time High

Wealth Gap At All Time High

Republicans are positioned to lead both the House and Senate at a time when our country bears the greatest gap between the wealthy and poor. The LA Times reports, “The wealth gap between middle- and upper-income households has widened to the highest level on record, says a new report…By Pew’s calculations, that is the biggest gap in the 30 years that the Fed has been collecting statistics from its Survey of Consumer Finances.”

During the past election cycle, Republicans sought desperately to establish their party as the one most committed to achieving prosperity for the working class. With majorities in both chambers of Congress, Republicans now have an opportunity to fulfill their vow. By limiting government overreach into the operations of the free market and putting brakes on outrageous government spending, our leaders should be able to reduce greatly that large divide that separates the haves from the have nots. The goal is not to create something new in America but only to resurrect what has always made it so great – the courage and determination of the individual free spirit and the willingness of government to allow this spirit to flourish.


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