Republicans Starting To Sway On Gas Tax?

Republicans Starting To Sway On Gas Tax?

It appears that not all members of Congress fully understand where the preponderance of working Americans stands on the issue of taxation. The National Journal reports, “Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, a moderate, said she would favor a gas tax increase even though virtually every resident in her rural state must rely on cars to get anywhere. Collins said she would support an increase if it included a rebate for low-income families that they could collect when logging their vehicle miles traveled with the DMV. ‘We certainly have to come up with something,’ she said.”

Senator Collins seems to be echoing fellow moderate Republicans who appear to view a new gas tax as the solution. Her solution, however, is falling on deaf ears back home as many Americans question the need for yet another tax when federal revenue growth continues on the upswing, and spending continues unabated.


Click here to read the full National Journal article.

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