The Hits Keep Coming: Next Up – Internet Taxes

The Hits Keep Coming: Next Up – Internet Taxes

Get ready to pay more for your internet, a big user of broadband facilities. Recent FCC (Federal Communications Commission) actions have led many experts to believe that broadband will soon be reclassified as a public utility. If the FCC does decide to take this step, Reuters submits, “Americans would face a host of new state and local taxes and fees that apply to public utilities. These new levies, according to the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), would total $15 billion annually. On average, consumers would pay an additional $67 for landline broadband, and $72 for mobile broadband each year, according to PPI’s calculations, with charges varying from state to state.”

When queried on this topic by Americans For A Balanced Budget, radio/internet personality and political analyst Valerie Emmons weighed in: “The way I see this whole thing is that there will be more and more taxes to subsidize more and more ‘qualified’ poor for free internet services. They will begin by adding taxes, surcharges and also the Universal fund tax just like they have on your landline and cell phone bill to cover free cell phones for the people who will not pay for their own. And in my opinion that is all the Universal Fund fee is, just another tax, because it is not a voluntary contribution but rather a mandated tax so let’s call it what it really is. Plus internet Companies will pass along any tax they get hit with by the FCC to the consumer and pay the government directly so your internet rates will increase to cover this cost. No business is going to lose its profits; they always pass the new cost onto the consumer who will pay it. Another thing to think about is will government try to censor the internet? I mean realistically more and more people are moving towards watching and listening to programming online as opposed to over the airwaves which are now monitored and censored by the FCC. Will the same apply down the line with the internet? Will they try to censor the Media outlets online in the name of homeland security? YouTube? Bloggers, Internet Radio Programs? Vine Videos? Tweets? Facebook Posts? I say, No thanks, leave the internet alone as it is fine just the way it is.”

It’s not surprising that the government would target broadband, one of today’s most popular communications technology, as a key revenue source. This Administration seems to gain great satisfaction out of creating policies that broaden government taxation and regulatory powers. Let’s hope our pocketbooks can stand the expanded encroachment.


Click here the read the full Reuters article.

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