UK Healthcare System Falling Apart

UK Healthcare System Falling Apart

The President and Democrats have frequently presented the UK’s health care system as a model to be mirrored. However, the Daily Mail just recently cited the opinion of renowned NHS England Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, who is convinced that this system may be falling apart. The Daily Mail captures his message, “The NHS is ‘not fit for the future’ and unless it undergoes radical change it may be forced to abandon free healthcare for all, …” He further concluded “… the NHS must become far less reliant on hospitals and needed a ‘complete transformation’ of the way it operates.”

As we continue to barrel down a similarly destructive health care path, Americans like popular radio host Val Emmons echoes the same concerns. Val retorts, “This is what we will face in the future with our Healthcare…long wait times mean less access to the quality healthcare for anyone…which is why people come here from other countries for treatments already. Sustainability is not guaranteed if you run out of other people’s money and mismanage the system with the funds you do have. And we all know that anything having to do with government is mis-managed since it isn’t their money they are handling in the first place. Fraud is rampant already in this country so what do folks think will happen next? They think the fraud will go away but those of us who know better, know it will get 100% worse.”

Should the United States use the UK’s healthcare model as a resource for constructing our own system? Absolutely! This model has clearly identified what doesn’t work and the institutional morass we should avoid at all costs.


Click here to read the full Daily Mail article.

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